Duet Enterprise 1.0 is available for Download

Duet Enterprise 1.0 is available for download on TechNet to the subscribers.

Visit the TechNet subscriber download section and look at the new downloads or search for Duet Enterprise

Here are some details of the download

File Name: mu_duet_enterprise_for_microsoft_sharepoint_and_sap_x64_dvd_621737.iso

Date Published (UTC): 12/28/2010 9:44:52 AM
Last Updated (UTC): 12/28/2010 9:44:52 AM

SHA1: 676284482B4B3ECDA3D16B0758FE76A89E9FDA9C
ISO/CRC: D579D450

Available to Levels: TechNet Professional (SA); TechNet Professional with Media (Retail); TechNet Professional (Retail); TechNet Professional with Media (VL); TechNet Professional (VL); TechNet Professional (Certified Partner); TechNet for Microsoft Competency Partners; TechNet Plus Consumer Service Professional Pilot; TechNet for Action Pack; TechNet Professional (NFR); TechNet Professional (NFR MCT); TechNet Professional (NFR MVP); TechNet Professional (NFR FTE); TechNet Professional (NFR Bundle); TechNet for Microsoft Competency Partners; 

Instructions and Resources

Notes to Customers accessing Duet Enterprise via MSDN or Volume License
Known Issue (1):
Aggregator Web Part will not work across the Web Apps having different Authentication
Description: Aggregator Web Part is deliverable of the Duet Workflow Feature. This Web Part will provide a support to view the Task for particular user across the Site Collection and Web App.
Current Limitation to the web Part - This Web Part cannot support the Scenario of Web Part is created in one type of authenticated Web App and the Root site Parameter pointing to the different Web App which if different authentication. Eg: Web Part placed in Win Claims based Web App can pull/show the task assigned to the User under another rootsite created in another win claim Web App but it will not work for the root site created in Win Legacy Web App and then the Page on which Web Part is placed will not accessible.
Viewing the Tasks from the Cross Auth Web App in aggregator web part is not Supported
Workaround: To Fix the Page which is caused by cross authentication issue in Aggregator Web Part in the Page is to remove the web Part through SPD and then add the Aggregator web Part and point only to the root site accessible and same authenticated.

Known Issue (2):
Task with attachments cannot be created and assigned to users in Turkish environment.

The following languages are included in this product: Arabic, Chinese-Simplified, Chinese-Traditional, English, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Spanish, and Turkish.

Duet Resource Center is Live!

Duet Resource Center is now ready to serve the customers, IT Professionals and IT developers.

Duet Enterprise library content for IT Pros

  • Planning and architecture guide
  • Deployment guide
  • Operations guide
  • Technical Reference
  • Troubleshooting guide
  • Guide for Microsoft Developers
  • Application Help for SharePoint Server Users

    SAP documentation is available at the SAP support portal. List of documents you can download from the portal

  • Duet Enterprise SAP Master Guide
  • Duet Enterprise SAP Deployment Guide
  • Duet Enterprise SAP Operations Guide
  • Duet Enterprise SAP Security Guide
  • SCL Developers Guide (API and development tools to build and enhance application on Service Consumption Layer framework).
  • You can also download the duet poster at Duet Enterprise for Microsoft SharePoint and SAP Poster.

    The great team that produced these content can be reached on twitter @msoffice_itpro

    Duet Enterprise 1.0 is RTM

    Duet® Enterprise for Microsoft® SharePoint® and SAP® is now RTM.

    Consume and extend SAP from Microsoft SharePoint 2010

    Duet Enterprise provides a foundation enabling interoperability between SAP applications and Microsoft SharePoint, Tools & Services to compose solutions that blend the worlds of process and collaboration and ready-to-use capabilities that provide immediate value to end users. Duet Enterprise delivers ready-to-use capabilities with quick time to value for users to collaborate around SAP data, participate in SAP workflows, access SAP reports, explore HR information and search SAP and SharePoint.

    Drive People Productivity

    Business users can enjoy a unified view of the data and tasks they need from Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and Microsoft Office 2010. Planned for both individuals as well as teams, Duet enterprise will boost people’s productivity in successfully performing their business tasks.

    Expand Value of Existing IT Investments

    Duet Enterprise helps IT realize extended value by broadening the use of SAP software throughout the enterprise and expanding the scope of Microsoft SharePoint.

    Respond Rapidly to Business Needs

    Duet Enterprise provides greater ability to meet business requirements through the ability to quickly compose solutions that meet changing business needs.

    Foundation for the interoperability between SAP and Microsoft SharePoint

    Key focus areas are: system management, single sign on, authorization and user management, life cycle management, data models mapping, traceability and supportability.

    Tools and Business Content to compose solutions that blend the worlds of process and collaboration

    Duet Enterprise takes advantage of the respective tools of Microsoft and SAP to reduce IT training. These tools are enriched to support an end-to-end solution development between SAP and Microsoft. In order to accelerate development of Duet Enterprise composites, configurable templates and building blocks will be delivered.

    Ready-to-Use capabilities with quick time to value for users

    Designed to enable people to interact with and collaborate around SAP information, participate in SAP workflows, access SAP reports, and browse SharePoint ‘MySite’ profile enriched with HR information from SAP applications.

    About the Partnership

    Microsoft, the leader in business productivity solutions, and SAP, the leader in enterprise software applications, enjoy a strong partnership. The collaboration between the two companies has delivered significant value to customers for more than 18 years.
    With Duet enterprise, the companies are expanding their partnership addressing market demand for interoperability of SAP applications with Microsoft SharePoint offering fully extensible product.
    For more information, visit www.microsoft.com/duet.